Fast New Look: The Zoom Tooth Whitening System

There are not many whitening treatments that are used by dentists as well as homeowners. The Zoom tooth whitening treatment is one of the few that is actually a professional procedure as well as a take-home product. This fact could be viewed as bad; why would a worthwhile professional treatment also be available for home use? Maybe it's the big guys looking out for us, because the Zoom tooth whitening system works well.

About the Treatment

The Zoom tooth whitening treatment is a great one for anyone looking to get a whiter smile. The process takes about 90 minutes for each treatment, consisting of about 20 minutes of gel application and the rest using light exposure. The light used is similar to the one used to whiten fillings. It just makes the bleach work faster and doesn't affect the teeth in a harmful way, and helps this method work fairly fast compared to other treatments – a definite bonus.

Zoom tooth whitening is not only a professional treatment offered by dentists, but it is also a take home treatment that can either stand on its own or help maintain bleaching effect. This is a nice addition from most whitening procedures as it keeps teeth looking white for more than just the professional treatment period. It is even used on the show “Extreme Makeover” because of its fast acting treatment and quality.

Zoom tooth whitening offers many different products to help keep your smile white, too -- not only is there the actual whitening gel, but also over-the-counter accessories like tooth paste and touch-up kits. This makes the whitening process remain accessible even if a customer is not willing to spend much money by going to the dentist. They can get the same great treatment products made by the same company making the Zoom tooth whitening system – and even see the same logo on the package!

When looking for a brighter smile there are many issues that have to be considered by a customer. Though the Zoom tooth whitening system could be misconstrued to be a sham because it is for both professional and home use, it is a safe, effective treatment as proven by the hundreds of customers sporting whiter, brighter smiles, which is all a customer needs to worry about. When looking to have a great new smile and fast, look at Zoom tooth whitening -- it will be worth your time!








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